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We make temptations look sweeter…


Who we are


We are a team who believes that life is just wonderful when you sit on that couch or office room, evade for a minute from the hectic lifestyle and sink your tooth in on your favourite cup cake, brownie or a sinister tub of ice cream…


So we are set to make your life wonderful as well. Spread the joy and let you know, that it is ok to now and then indulge in these little treats…


What we do


We bring together all the goodie shops in SL (still not there yet), and help you choose from variety of treats and what’s more, deliver it to your door step or office desk


When we can help

  • If there’s a birthday treat pending and your colleagues are bugging you
  • If you just need to say “I love you” by gesture to that special someone...
  • Looking for an edible birthday gift 

Ok, cut the list. Anything you think tastes sweet and you want it – Let us know how we can help you and make life easier, minus all the trouble.


How old we are


Started in December 2013. Quite young hence there is so much to improve! And we value your thoughts as well.


Where we are located


No 1 1/2,

Deanstone House,

Galle Road,
Colombo 03,
Sri Lanka.



What we want to become


The only site in SL to satisfying all your sweet cravings! That’s it. We just want to be the one stop sweet shop..