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List of products by supplier: Sweet House

  • extremely tasty sweet of Sri Lankan cuisine. It is a sweet-cake of jaggery and rice flour made into a paste flattened into circles and fried.  INGREDIENTS - Rice,grated Jagegry,Cardamom...

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  • Rs. 290.00
  • A traditional Sri Lankan delicacy consisting of rice flour and treacle

    Rs. 345.00
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  • This is a Sri Lankan sweet specially making for Sinhala & Tamil New Year. And also for the traditional occasions. INGREDIENTS - mung beans ,uncooked rice,sugar,black pepper corns,boiled...

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  • Puhul Dosi or pumpkin preserve, with its glistening granules of sugar glaze, comes in roughly cut chunks or cubes, which becomes an indulgence of one too many. In celebration of the same, rolls in...

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  • Ingredients  - Semolina (Wheatlets), Sugar, powdered Cardamom, powdered Cloves,Cashews 50 Pcs per 1KG

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